Sunday, October 15, 2017

Html Storyboard

Learned a little bit more on html this week. I am now tasked with creating a twenty page project of html pages for the next couple of weeks. I choose the topic of photography because it is something i have been interested in for quite a while now. Both Photography and cinematography are something I love doing, but doing this project with cinematography would take up too much memory space. I am still not the biggest fan of html, I find it somewhat boring to do and not at all that interesting. I am a person of aesthetics and while you can create some aesthetically pleasing things with html I find it too limiting with creative usage. Below is the storyboard for the html project I am doing and while I love learning more about photography and stuff, the coding for this will be tedious. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

HTML coding

I have learned a little bit about coding html this week and have found it to be different from the other things I have learned to do. I made three different pages that all link up with each other by clicking on a hyperlink on each page. The first one is about tricking and my love for it. I have a couple videos on this page of me doing some impressive flips. My second one is about Astrophotography, which is something I have just started to get interested in. The page explains a little bit about what it is. Then the final page is about parkour, which is another hobby of mine I love doing similar to tricking. HTML coding is an interesting thing to learn and I can see how it can be very useful to know for certain people. I had a lot of troubles remembering what the different codes were to do different things. That was my one difficulty with it. I, however don't find it to be something I would like to do more of, just because it doesn't interest me that much and I don't find it to be very useful in my career. 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

GIFs are cool

GIFs have been around for quite a long time, even before the internet was a thing. The simplistic design of having a short animated video or vector image has become a very popular method of communication. People today use GIFs primarily for funny reactions or expressions, known by many today as memes, as a means to communicate with one another. I personally love watching people’s GIFs and even using them to express how I feel about certain subject matters. They help provide a really good vocabulary for things when you just can’t find the right words to say. GIFs can be a very useful tool for displaying humor or creating cool and interesting works of digital art.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chimera project finished

This hybrid photomontage project was a fun one to do. My first design is of a combination of several different parts. Each of which being from diverse mechanical machines. I started it with the central structure being the receiver and hand guard of an M4 carbine assault rifle. Attached to the front of the hybrid is a camera lens acting as the barrel of the weapon. It is then loaded with a battery as the magazine and a chainsaw handle as the trigger mechanism. I made this design because of my love for guns and other weapons.

The next design is of a fantasy style landscape consisting of a volcanic explosion, off in the distance, blowing up into the sky as lightning strikes down around the ashy smoke. In the foreground is a gritty style landscape with some murky water flowing around dead grass and rocks and a pond off to the left reflecting the electric energy singularity up in the sky. The sky then brings the whole piece together I feel with the blues, reds, and purples setting the mood of the whole design. I have a real passionate interest in surreal photographs and love to turn average landscape shots into something mystical. That is something I feel I created here, a chimera of different environments blending together.

My last chimera design is that of a hybrid beast standing on a hill top next to a fiery explosion. The beast is the hybrid of a deer head, tiger body, Komodo dragon tail, and the legs of a robotic lion. I had a little bit of a difficult time deciding which animal parts to use in this piece. Ultimately I decided on the head being a deer for the reason of many hunters mount the head of a deer on their wall. The tiger body is to show its aesthetic pattern and create a pleasing look to the beast. After deciding what to use for the head and the body, I wanted to go a little bit of a different route with the animals. I choose the Komodo dragon as the tail because I felt it needed a reptilian aspect to it. Finally I wanted to mix biological with mechanical so I choose robotic legs for the chimera. The legs, being mechanical, allow the beast to move around a lot faster than biological ones. Biomechanics is another concept that has interested me and because chimeras are a hybrid of different entities, I thought that this would be a great fit.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Chimera project progress

This project really opens up the creative mind to create something so abstract. The combination of different entities merging together to create something else truly requires a creative mind. I am in the process of making my first hybrid photomontage and it is somewhat difficult to find different objects and merge them together so that they form something else. For me, it is not the process of combining the entities, but finding the right ones to put together. At the moment I have a gun merged with the wheel of a car, coiled spring and a lithium-ion battery. I am having second thoughts about it, but if I can find more objects to merge with it to make it look better I will keep it. This is what I have so far.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Darkroom photography vs Digital photography

Darkroom photography has become almost completely obsolete in this digital age. However, it is still used today by many photographers who like to go back to a more old-school style of picture taking. Many photographers prefer this method because it adds a more personal approach to taking the picture. Plus with shooting on film it is almost impossible to go back and check the photo to make sure it was taken properly. Photographers are then more inclined to spend more time on setting up the perfect shot instead of snapping a hundred photos and then having to pick the one that looks best to them. Sometimes, however, if they could not get the shot they wanted naturally, photographers would set up the scene for a shot.
In an essay written by a man named Phillip Gefter, there has come to be some controversy on historical photos. Many exclaim these photos to be accurate depictions of history, but others are saying that is not entirely true. Evidence has come up proving that some these historical photos were setup to show a more dramatic scene. The photographer would re position the bodies and equipment in their photo after a battle or hire actors to pose for them so that it would emphasize a stronger emotional connection to the viewer.
Similarly to old-school photography, modern day photographers set up a photograph the same way to get a specific shot. However, thanks to modern day technology they do not need to re adjust the scene of their photo to make a more compelling photograph. Today, photographers can use digital software to edit their photos with limitless possibilities. Software like Photoshop lets users remove objects out of a photo, change the mood of the photo or even change the perspective of the photo.
Darkroom photography is a long process of dipping, hanging and exposing photos to try and get the best result out of the photo that was taken. Digital photography does all of that inside the camera instantly, and because it is digital it can be copied, stored, and distributed as many times as the user wants. Film photography is shot using a roll of plastic film that gets exposed to light whenever a picture is taken, capturing it on the film to be later printed in a darkroom. Digital photography is shot by exposing light to a sensor and then being processed with computer software and then stored on a plastic storage card. On a film camera, the quality of the photo is determined after the photo is taken in a dark room. On a digital camera, all of the exposure, resolution, and sharpness of the photo can be adjusted in the camera before the photo is taken. It can also be later adjusted in post production as well if the picture is not what photographer wanted.
Digital photography and darkroom photography have many distinct differences. Digital gives the user the ability to adjust the settings of the picture before it is even taken. Film photography doesn't require electricity to run so it does not need to be charged like a digital camera does. Shooting on film may seem like an obsolete way of picture taking, but many people still use it and enjoy using a darkroom to produce their image. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.